Is your house trying to tell you something?

Handyman Services, Electrical & Plumbing Repairs, Home Remodeling in Oakland CA

If your home squeaks, creaks, drips, dips, or goes bump in the night, it may be asking you for an Xtra Hand. Maybe it needs a new toilet. Maybe it's in the market for an updated kitchen.

Whatever it is, Xtra Hand can help.

Calling Xtra Hand for all of your home maintenance needs protects your largest investment...and gives you your weekends back. Instead of cleaning that rain gutter, performing plumbing repairs or electrical installation, or hanging out with the new garbage disposal, you can relax, recuperate, and spend time with your family.

And, by the way, we promise not to scare your family. We're all really nice guys, as well as being fully licensed and insured. Why deny it? Our clients like us...and find us so trustworthy that many give us the spare key after just a visit or two. We won't break your stuff, make mean faces at the dog, or mock your taste in placemats.

So bring us your list! Broken window, inconvenient outlets, sagging doors, busted heaters, leaky faucets, missing trim. We specialize in small handyman jobs, and enjoy the challenge of the unusual and extraordinary like remodeling.

We provide our services in areas of Oakland, CA: Piedmont, Walnut Creek, Tri Valley, Concord, Castro Valley, Alameda County, Berkeley, East Bay and more!

XtraHand...“Licensed to Build, But We’d Rather Just Fix It.

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