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Xtra Hand will do an excellent job with you home repair--that's just a given. I know we'll do quality work fixing your roof, or replacing your window, or repairing your subfloor sheathing because we're smart, knowledgeable guys and we do this kind of thing every day.

But you know what? 95% of home repair companies can take care of 95% of a home's problems. So why should you chose Xtra Hand to work on yours?

The difference is our service. No, it really is. I have worked in customer service in industries ranging from high-tech, to insurance, to automotive. I have been Director of Client Services for technology companies; I was an Operations Manager for AT&T. So I don't just know the value of truly high-quality customer service...I know how to provide it. In fact, I went into business for myself specifically to provide it. I've always hated sloppy workmanship, slipshod solutions, leaving things half-done--and as far as I'm concerned, any business that doesn't place a high value on customer service is leaving things half-done.

So, yes--Xtra Hand will get your house in working order. But what we really sell is service--and we try to get better at it every day.


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