As a Real Estate agent, I am frequently in need of a handyman service to refer to both buyers and sellers. For the last five years, that service has been Xtra Hand. Brant Newman has been great in every situation--intelligent and communicative while juggling the myriad of details of the jobs, patient with endless punchlists and change orders, cool under the pressure of compressed deadlines, meeting (and usually exceeding!) my high expectations and those of of my clients. He and his crew have always been punctual, professional, and a pleasure to work with.
I recommend him highly and without reservation.

Debra Alber, Real Estate Agent

I have worked with Brant Newman and the Xtra Hand crew on any number of projects. They're flexible and hardworking, and it's really easy to be on-site with them. Plus, Brant returns calls, gets the work done in a timely fashion, and actually does what he says he's going to do.
In addition to working with Brant and Xtra Hand on clients' projects, I've hired him to work on projects at my own house, and I'll definitely continue to do so.

Cydney Ortzow, Painting Contractor

I originally hired Brant Newman and Xtra Hand to repair my water-damaged subfloor. When we discovered the full extent of the problem, it became clear that I needed them to take my bathroom apart. They did an excellent job taking apart the plumbing and, even better, they put it together again when they were done. Brant and his crew are just what one wants in a handyman service. They're adaptable. They know what they're doing. And they can deal with the unexpected. I've used them for everything since our first encounter, and referred them to friends and family, too.

John Gussman, Attorney

I'm a handyman's nightmare–I own a hammer and two screwdrivers, and think I can fix everything myself. Brant Newman and the guys at Xtra Hand have fixed my mistakes, saved my skin, and somehow managed to refrain from laughing in my face. They've babied my house through repairs minor and major–when the big one hits, I'm counting on them to deal with the rubble.

Reese Minshew, Copywriter

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